Juab Wasps Destroy the Delta Rabbits

Juab High started February off right with a home boys Basketball game. The competing guest, the Delta High Rabbits. McKenzie Chappell started the night with our National anthem. After the flag was back up, the lights went down. With music blaring and fan’s screaming, the starters were introduced.

      The Rabbits took the tip off. The Wasps were first to score. The two teams one upped each, till they tied at nine points. Juab pulled ahead with a free throw. First period ended with Juab: 13 to Delta: 10. JHS cheer performed before the game carried on. 

      The Wasps kicked it up a notch for the next period. With one minute left on the clock, Delta was behind fourteen points. Second period ended with Juab: 29 to Delts: 15.

       Half time started with performances from the JHS incredible provita. They blew the crowd away with their military routine. Following that, Juab’s State Championship cheer team got to show their moves. Switching things up, a few students were called down from the pit to try to make a basket. Soon the ball was flying everywhere and being shot from where it landed. 

     No one made a basket until Juab’s team returned to the court. The ball landed in number fourteen’s hand and a successful shot was made, starting the second half off right. During the period a wild ball flew into the JHS band. Luckily no people or instruments were harmed. The Rabbits fought hard, but the Wasps were there to fly. Third period ended with Juab: 40 to Delta: 25.

      The last quarter didn’t seem to be in the Rabbit’s favor. In less than three minutes Juab scored two three-pointers. It didn’t take long for Juab’s boys to hit fifty points leaving the Rabbits in their dust. With a few minutes left, Juab substituted all their players with younger students. The Rabbits did their best, even making a beautiful three-pointer, but winning slipped far from their reach. The game ended with Juab: 62 to Delta: 35. Juab High’s band played proudly in light of the Wasp’s undisputed victory.