Boys Basketball Looks Towards Playoffs

With only two games left in the season before state playoffs the basketball team is starting to gear up for the hardest games of the year. The playoff rankings are based off of RPI which is, according to, “Rating Percentage Index is a statistical system used to comparatively rank teams.”. It is calculated using an equation that takes into account whether you win or lose, who you went against, and how the teams your opponent is going against are doing. Using all of this data makes for a pretty accurate view of how all teams actually line up. As of after the win against delta our RPI is 0.576094 which puts us at 7th in 3A.

According to Talmage Day the team isn’t focusing on the playoffs right now and is instead focusing on the North Sanpete and Manti games coming up, and after those games they’re going to take advantage of the week with no games to get fully ready for the playoffs. On friday the 3rd the team is away at North Sanpete so wish them luck. Manti comes here the next friday as the last home game of the season so make sure to come support.