The ‘Hidden Gems’ of Juab 

School has started and you are dreading every single minute of it. Eat, sleep, Homework repeat. Well, every once in a blue moon comes the day where you are all caught up. Here’s somethings you can do around town when you’re bored. 

-Visit a small town store/shopping

Our little town has so many small stores. You can shop for dresses at Boutique on Maine, get freeze dried candy at Remember your Memories, or even find vintage shoes at The Green Gypsy. 

-Go see a play! 

Nephi has a small theater council, called Juab Fine Arts Council (JFAC) and they put on a few fun shows a year. During Halloween go have dinner with mysterious strangers during their Murder Mystery, or watch there lovely dancers in Hocus Pocus. In December, a fun date night or family night could be watching their 13th annual Nutcracker Ballet!

-New Places to Go

So many new buildings are being built here, such as Maverick, Wendy’s or Costa vida! Go have lunch after school with your friends, or get a drink and go for a drive! Not to mention the new steakhouse coming soon! *wink wink*

-Be a kid again!

Why not? Go back to the parks to swing on swing sets, or go to Burrastons and jump from a rope into cool water! There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun in your teen years! 

There are so many things to do in Nephi, so why settle with your phone on the couch when you could be making memories to last a lifetime!