A Quick Peek At 3 of Juab High’s Incredible New Classes

Picking classes is hard. As students you’re confined to the options your school has. This is one of the reasons Juab has been trying to expand its class choices. This 2022-23 school year, Juab High School has opened up a handful of new classes. Three of these classes are College prep and language arts, History and Mythology, and Popular Literature. Let’s take a quick look at these three and see what they have to offer. 

      College Prep and Language Arts

      One of Juab’s new classes is a full-year, English class: College Prep and Language Arts. This new class is taught by Mrs. Settle. It’s a self driven class for Seniors and Juniors. This class’s focus is to help students prepare for college and life after High School. Students freely choose an assigned module and complete it for a grade. Some of these modules are Test prep, Community service, Scholarships, Interviews, and more. 

       History and Mythology

       On a more fun note, Juab has also added History and Mythology. This 1-semester class is held in Mrs. Lofthouse’s new classroom in the Hive. Students in the class learn about the mythology of different cultures, such as Greek, Norse, and Roman, and how it affected their societies. If you are looking for a fun class and are interested in mythology then this class would be perfect.

     Popular Literature

     Another fun addition to classes is Popular Literature. Mrs.Stoneman has been super excited to teach this new 1-semester class. Popular literature is a class focused on reading. Students will read and discuss different books in groups. They will apply different literature elements to what they have read. Books can be chosen from the sectional Mrs.Stoneman has or personally chosen as long as it’s approved.