Join a school club/activity

Say hello to September and to the new school clubs this year. There are many amazing clubs to join at Juab high school like clubs for gamers or musicians. Clubs are so fun and the people are very welcoming and they would be very excited to meet you there. 

You will need to go to the teachers class and just ask if you can join their clubs. They will give you a piece of paper for your parents to sign. You have to get good grades to join some of the clubs you want to go to, but it is worth the work just to have fun and get you out of the house.

The benefits of joining a club could lead to a scholarship to a collage you have wanted to apply for or you could get into the yearbook

  • yearbooks
  • art club
  • gaming club
  • writing club
  • sports club
  • math club
  • possibly drama club
  • photography club
  • cooking club
  • sewing club

eliza powers

This is Eliza powers, she is an artistic person, you can see her doodling in class. Her favorite way to spend her time other than doodling, is playing video games. She loves to cook and spend time with her pets, three cats and two dogs. She is a nice person but even she gets sad like every one else, she also likes to do arts and crafts