English Has New Furniture

On Friday, August 26th in between 3rd and 4th period, there was a mountain of boxes on the high school’s curb containing furniture for the new HIVE building. As of August 30th, you could find some of the new furniture, particularly chairs, outside of rooms in the English hallway, in an unorthodox scheme of Gray and Red. In the cafeteria, however, there’s a stash of desks which makes us at the Clarion believe most of the school is getting both new chairs and shiny new desks. 

We asked few students how they felt about it. This is what they said:

Q: “How do you feel about new furniture?”

Student 1: “It’s mid.”

Student 2: “I don’t really care about it.”

Student 3: “I feel like it’s nice, makes my buttocks feel better.”

Q: “Do you want new furniture for the school?”

S1: “I think separated desks and chairs would be nice.”

S2: “No, besides a few couches.”

S3: “Sure, yeah I guess, chairs.”

Results seem to show that new furniture isn’t much of a priority, but would be a care among students. As for the two of us currently writing this, we both feel alright about it as long as we get unlocked desks.

However, what about a faculty member at Juab? We asked a teacher, Mrs. Settle, and this is what she had to say.

Q: “How do you feel about the new furniture?”

Settle: “I am very excited because those new chairs and tables are going into my classroom. Tall tables, regular desks, and the chairs won’t be attached, so they’ll be more comfortable for students.”

Q: “Do you want new furniture for the school?”

“I think that these desks have been here for over 20 years, and I’ve had some desks fold onto students. (The bar would be gone from the desk leg and chair). They’re replacing desks a little at a time, so there will be three English classes that will be getting new furniture as well as the hive. And then we needed extra desks, so ours will be sent to other classrooms.” 

With this information, we can know what to expect furniture-wise in the following months, that being unlocked desks and chairs. So keep an extra eye out for changes in your classroom, because you’ll surely notice.