Dress to express

Dress to Express 

Fashion: Where unheard voices can be loud I, Lindsey Watson, the sterling scholar of family and consumer sciences, are looking for your help. 

I have decided to create a project guiding people with fashion for any occasion. It’s a Pinterest, but  more in depth. I will design outfits, have both female and male, wear them and then pose them for a fun photoshoot to show off the outfit.  My goal is to make sure people have access to inspiration that covers school and other life’s dress codes as well as tight budgets for any circumstances.

     I want to help people by giving them a creative outlet and providing options in fashion for any occasion, and any diverse person. From a young age fashion has always been something I’ve been well practiced in. Showing up to school in all sorts of patterns, colors, bold looks and really anything you can imagine. Although my style was unique and very different from everyone else. 

     It wasn’t always easy taking people’s negative feedback on my appearance. The negativity sparked my inspiration and I got the idea to create a style guide. A style guide for those who may be lost on what to wear or maybe even need a unique style to express themselves. Whether it may be budget or dress codes or just an idea, this style guide contains something for everyone.

     If you are interested in helping with this project and being a model (boy and girl) please contact Lindsey Watson (Lindsey.watson@m.Juabsd.org). Sign ups for this project are open until September 26th Via email, in person or the following link.