Summer Job at BK

For anyone in search of a job whether it’d be your first job or if you’re just looking for another place to work. Burger King is the place.
It’s a great place to work and the management is really nice. I started working there at 17 around the end of my Junior year. It’s been almost a year now and it has been a really good experience. Our hiring age is 16 and our hiring wage is $10/hour or more with previous experience.
The General Manager Kate is a really nice and sweet old lady who puts in way more work than she should and yet she will still help you as much as she can. It’s a pretty good job if you want to make some money during summer then I’d recommend coming to Burger King.
We’ve been pretty short staffed lately because we’ve had too many people decide that they don’t need to show up for their shift. So if you do choose to come here to work, make sure you’re ready to be responsible and show up for your shift, and if you can’t make it then make sure to alert the manager on duty and find someone to cover your shift.
It’s not a bad job, although it can get pretty busy at times. But overall it’s a really good summer job to make cash. You could go to the pool with your friends, you could go on a road trip once you save enough money, and you could take that person you’ve spent this last quarter staring at on a date since now you’d have the money to.