Softball is a big sport in our area. Some consider it to be just girls baseball, and while it may be partially true, it stands by itself and has a large following around it. We decided to look into the sport for those who may not know much about the sport. Most of this information comes from an interview with Kinley Christensen, who is a member of the team.

First and foremost, we want to know who our star players are, the answer to that is more of a set of characteristics. The key players are often those who are willing to work hard and make themselves, as well as the team, better as a whole. Some of these players are: Rylee Sperry, Roudee Weaver, Hadlie Weaver, and Makia Ballow, just to name a few. Other players like them are the seniors who have stuck with the sport throughout highschool showing dedication for their sport, like Oakley Bosh, Trista Martin, and Taylin Griffith.

Next, we would like to hear how the season has gone so far. Kinley said “It’s been great! We have our ups and downs but I feel like the team has come more together as a family than the other years I’ve played.” We asked how they think the season will go this year, as they have a new coach, but so far they’ve had little complaints. 

According to the team, our biggest rivals are Manti and North Sanpete. The biggest game is the playoffs, which affects the State game on May 11th. You might be able to catch them practicing at 3:30 on the high school field. “Ben is cool,” she said.

According to Kinley, the reason she does Softball is the people. She says as you play, grow alongside them, and end up closer together, you’re almost like a family. To Kinley, the softball team is like a great big family where everyone is welcome.

Make sure you catch the next softball game at South Summit on the 27th.