Miss Nephi 2023

The Miss Nephi Pageant is an annual occurrence here in Nephi where young women, starting at age 16, compete to be crowned as Miss Nephi or be a part of the royalty (first and second attendant). This year’s pageant was held April 13th . 

Although many people view pageants as a mere beauty contest with the contestants only goal is to be pretty and wear a crown, there is so much more to it. It gives them a chance to make a platform to teach and show people things about something they hold close to their hearts and can be used to help people all throughout our community. The girls are also awarded scholarship money to help fund their future.

This year’s contestants were Madison Wall and Savanah Rasch: two of our wonderful senior students, Maddison Carle and Leah thorn: two of our fabulous junior students, and Emily Harris: an amazing student currently attending SUU. As these amazing girls went throughout the pageant, last year’s royalty, Brynlee Monsen (Miss Nephi 2022) and Haylee Livingston (first attendant) helped to introduce them and conduct the evening.

The categories for the pageant were casual wear, talent, interview, and formal wear. All of the girls participating did an amazing job in each of the categories showing off their personal styles, talents, and answering their on stage questions. 

At the end of the night as the girls stood on the stage eagerly waiting to hear the results they were all presented with gift bags and flowers and some scholarships awards were handed out. The Photogenic award and talent award were given to Madison Wall, Community Engagement and Academic awards were given to Emily Harris, and the Spirit of the Pageant award was given to Savanah Rasch. Next, the moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived – the crowning of our 2023 Miss Nephi royalty. 

Miss nephi: Emily Harris (platform: The Buddy Bench Project)

First attendant: Madison Wall (platform: Musical Brains = Educational Gains)

Second attendant: Savanah Rasch (platform: Arts4All)

All of the girls who participated in this year’s pageant worked so hard and did such an amazing job. We look forward to a year with the new royalty and are excited to see what next year’s pageant will bring!