Juab Concert Choir Sings Their Way to State

Juab High School’s concert choir has been working tirelessly in order to prepare for their regional competition. The day of April 19, 2023 finally came and the choir was ready to sing their best. The competition was held at Delta High School and Juab was the last group to sing. 

The choir opened with, “River Song,” a song about celebration. Following that they sang, “Esto Les Digo.” It’s a truly beautiful a capella Spanish piece that is based on the scripture verse, “Where two or three are gathered in My name, there will I be also.” Jaycee Westring was a featured soloist in this piece and she did an incredible job. To conclude, they sang, “Shout Glory.” This song got the choir and the judges dancing. It’s an upbeat fun piece about praising the Lord, and it was the judge’s favorite. Madison Carle also rocked the solo in this piece. 

To give the judges time to write feedback, the choir left the high school to get some lunch. After lunch, they picked up the results. For those who are unfamiliar with how the scoring works, there are three different judges who each give the choir an overall score. Scores go from 1-4, 1 being the highest score and 4 being the lowest. Scores can also include a plus or minus. In order to make it to state, a choir must get all 1’s or two 1’s and a -1. 

After much anticipation, Mrs. Rowley announced the scores. The first and second judges gave the choir 1s, the last judge gave the choir a -1. After hearing the results, the choir students shouted and cheered– they made it to state. The state competition will be held sometime between May 11-13. 

The choir’s hard work has paid off and they will continue to work on their music for the state competition. Congratulations to the choir for their accomplishments and good luck at state! 

*photo credit: Heather Westring