We Got The Skills to Pay The Bills

*Juab High’s CTE and Arts courses teach our students the skills necessary to enter certain vocational and art fields. Our showcase will display the skills that will actually pay their bills.*

     Want to see products and pieces of work crafted by students from our very own school? Then come on down to the vocational building to see what students in Juab High’s CTE and Arts classes have created.

     Our CTE classes include Engineering, Business, Agricultural Science, Welding, Woods, Family & Consumer Sciences, Computer Science, and Science. The showcase will also display pieces from Mrs. Carter’s Art and Mr. Olsen’s Photography classes.

     We will give you a few examples of the products our school will display:

     Mrs. Bosh’s Engineering class will display their syringe-powered Hydraulic Arms. The students constructed their machines using only 2 meter sticks, nuts, bolts, and washers. Their hydraulic arms were held together by an assortment of zip ties, rubber bands, and loads of hot glue. Only 6 syringes move the various parts of each mechanism. How cool is that?! Fun fact: the hydraulic arm included in this article, which Mrs. Bosh nicknamed “Tidal Wave”, is mine.

     Gareth Allred, a Junior here in Juab High, makes all kinds of super projects in his Woods II class. Driven by his love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gareth constructed a replica of Thor’s hammer, Mjölner. Despite the product’s large size, Gareth claims it may be the smallest project made in his Woods class. Mr. Fletcher’s students usually construct nightstands, dressers, and cabinets. Gareth is currently in the process of recreating Captain America’s dual shield, as he continues to showcase his skills and creative approach to Woods.

     We only touched on two products from two classes. There will be plenty more at the showcase – including art pieces, photographs, and even chocolate chip cookies made by Mrs. Goodman’s Foods classes. Come to the showcase and see what Juab High students have learned and have to offer the world after high school.

*location – J(J)HS vocational building; date – Monday, May 16th @ 4:30 to 6:30 PM*