Choosing Your Right Future Career

I know growing up can be scary and when you think about your future you really don’t have anything to look forward to. Maybe you do, that’s great. For people who have no idea what they want to be when they graduate, I understand where you’re coming from. 

Thinking about careers after high school is a lot, you have your interests but you have to ask yourself “Can I see myself liking this job or loving this job?” High school teaches you that you need to have your future laid out and everything planned. 

I don’t believe that. I think that you have the choice to take time and figure out who and what you want to become. When you graduate you get all these opportunities to get different kinds of scholarships and be accepted into different schools. 

Once you see that you are selected into a college the next thing you have to figure out is what you want to major in. You can feel pretty stressed and overwhelmed. Just take a breath and find out what you really want to do with your life. 

Try and look into the future and see if you can see yourself loving the path that you decide. In high school take it step by step, live in the moment and don’t worry about college until that time comes in senior year. If you’re in your senior year then you can start exploring different career paths but still think about what your interests and what your passions have in common.