Answers from Hugo

I haven’t told anyone, but I’m queer. I really want to tell my friends but they’re all pretty religious and I don’t know if they wouldn’t talk to me anymore or even tell other people. I don’t think I could live with everyone knowing. Should I tell my friends? -emotional wreck

Dear emotional wreck, let me tell you about a these two people. I once had a friend that was like family to me we got along well at the end of the school year they came up to the group in tears wanna know what they said? “Look I know some of you won’t except me but I need to tell you something ‘deep breath’ I’m bi-sexual….” there was a long pause be for continuing “if you don’t want to be my friend then it’s okay I understand.” If you come out to your friends and they don’t except you are they really friends? I’m still friends with them cause we have similar interests and we get along after all there still the same person on the inside and out. The other is with family member my aunt came out on thanksgiving she told us that she was pan. She gave her reasons and explained why her parents were pissed but eventually they understand they still don’t agree with it but they will never stop communication with her there family and family stays. If you want to tell anyone then tell because just holding it in can cause more mental damage on yourself. You only have one life so don’t live in fear have fun with it. I wish you the best luck Hugo.