I Recommend Doing the Work

This article is a fair warning for the slackers in school. Do the work now and graduate early. Don’t push off the work till the last minute because some teachers won’t let you redo the work-or you’ll have to take the class all over again and trust me, it sucks. However, there are a few kids who couldn’t take a class that year, so they had to take it when they were older. That sucks too.

It’s not all bad, though. Going to a class you already took gives you benefits. For example, in English 11 you will read The Great Gatsby, and if you’ve already learned it you’ll feel so smart. You already know the answer to all the questions and everyone wants the answer from you. However, you still have to take the class again when you could’ve had a free hour. For the kids who had to take a class you should’ve taken before Senior year, you could have looked on Powerschool to see what you needed that year, and try your best to get the class or the credits you need.

Juab is a great school because they give you everything you need, and more,  to get through school in a breeze. Honestly, it’s harder to fail a class than it is to pass. My final warning… do a little work to make your life easier in later years. It’s not that hard. Either teachers want you out of their class or they want to see you go far, most likely the second one. Teachers are there to help you, so let them help you get through school. It’s only 12 years, that’s nothing compared to life after.