When does Christmas truly start

Christmas is a time when you either love it, don’t really care, or you hate it. When do you think that the Christmas season officially starts? According to a poll we did on our Instagram 63% of you think that Christmas starts right after halloween only 37% think you should wait until december 1st/ waiting until after thanksgiving. Most of the members of the clarion staff disagree and think that Christmas season shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving. 

People that think Christmas should start immediately following Halloween agree that they celebrate Christmas all of November except Thanksgiving eve and Thanksgiving day then it’s Christmas again. Most of the students that think that we should wait until later think that it can start after thanksgiving. Some think that we have to wait until it’s officially December first to start decorating or speaking about Christmas in general. 

I personally think that we should start celebrating right after Halloween because you need as much time as possible to celebrate. You have to watch all the classic Christmas movies, watch the entire Hallmark channel, build a snowman, go sledding, go carolling, and so on and so forth. 25 days is not nearly enough time to do all of that.

When do you think that we should start celebrating Christmas?