World Kindness Day This Weekend

November 13, this Saturday, is an important but often forgotten day. It is World Kindness day. 

      Why do we have World Kindness Day? Well, According to, it was started in 1988 by the World Kindness movement to help inspire people to share positivity with others around them. It is a time to focus all our efforts on being kind. Even though it is a holiday, it is also a reminder to always be kind.

        Kindness is needed all around the world. While you may donate to charities, it is better to be thoughtful in your everyday actions. Just a tiny good deed can brighten someone’s day or even their life. 

  Ideas for kind deeds:

  • Give someone a compliment.
  • Write someone a kind note.
  • Try making a friend with someone new.
  • Be polite to a teacher or parent.
  • Buy or make a treat for someone.
  • Pick up trash and litter in a public area.
  • Share or make a positive post online.
  • Donate pie filling or evaporated milk to Juab High School’s food drive.

        Happy National Kindness Day everyone!