Coming Back From Quarantine

Last week my sister called my dad telling him she was required to stay home for two weeks because she sat by someone in class that tested positive for COVID-19.

      Sixty five students were sent home that day because they either tested positive for COVID or they sat by someone who had tested positive. For many students it was very disappointing, including my sister, because they value going to school and learning. 

      When my sister got home that day my parents had her stay in her room for five days! She wasn’t allowed to go out to eat with us or see us. She was only allowed to use the bathroom and that was it. We are extra safe in my house because if my dad gets COVID he could die. 

       My sister did all of that just to be told that they are not having students quarantine if they sat next to someone that tested positive anymore. As long as you wear your mask correctly you are fine. It’s said that only 5% of people that get sent home that way, actually have it. 

       Personally I think it really sucked that if you just sat next to someone you would have to go home. What sucks even more is that they changed the rule in the middle of her quarantine. One day she was stuck in her room while the next day she was back at school without even having to test. She was fine with it though because she got to go back to school.

       It is a crazy thing we are going through right now but I’m glad we are taking precautions to be safe. The rules might seem silly at times but we all need to follow them to ensure we are safe.