Movie Reviews

Some of us can agree that the movies lately have been a little overused. There have been too many of the same storylines, ideas, and drawing out of story’s. Then again, some people believe there can never be too many Marvel movies, or Star Wars. But new ideas are always welcome in the movie industry. I personally don’t enjoy many of the latest movies because, again, of overuse. But one of them has made it up to one of my top movies. In 2019, the movie Klaus was released on November 8, and quickly climbed its way up to the top. 

        The plot starts in a postman training academy, where a spoiled young man is deliberately failing so he can stay in his posh life. But his father, the head postmaster, has other plans. He’s giving his son, Jesper, a year to get six thousand letters out of a desolate little island called Smeerensburg. He’s trying to teach him a lesson. 

        When Jesper gets to Smeerensburg vía boat, the tricky boatman who enjoys messing with Jesper, tells him to ring the bell. What Jesper doesn’t know is that it’s a battle bell. The movie goes on to reveal the past about Smeerensburg, and when Jesper meets an old toymaker in the woods, he devises a plan to get his six thousand letters. He gets the children to write letters to “Santa Klaus”, asking for toys. The children start behaving and the grownups soon follow. 

Long story short, it’s a very cute story about how Christmas started. It’s a new idea, which are harder to find these days. Definitely a must watch for people who are looking for a Christmas movie, or even just a good new one.