With many of the health concerns this year, assemblies are not much of an option. However, fundraising for Sub-for-Santa is very important, not only to the SBO’s and staff, but to students as well. Buckets are passed around basketball games, lunch tables, and the assembly. 

So how is it going to work with our guidelines now? When attendance at games and activities is lower and slower than usual, and with cash flow being a little tight? The hope is that our Student Body President may have a few plans (and raw ideas), to set the new year up right. 

Is there going to be a Sub-for-Santa assembly, and if not, how is Sub-for-Santa going to work?  “So this has been a big problem for us this year,” Says Nathan Saez. “We’ve been fighting for an assembly. We are having an assembly. Kind of. We are having four individual assemblies, one for each grade. That’s just to space everything out….” “We will show them a video, have the band play, drill team perform, cheer team dance, things like that.”

Is Mr. Juab still on the table?

“We couldn’t get Mr. Juab cleared. We are trying to get it in the spring. We will still have a Mr. Juab, it just won’t be christmas themed, and it will be later in the year.”

Do we have a goal for how much funds we want to raise?

“So usually, our goal is in the 10,000-15,000 range, but this year being a little different… We are aiming for 10,000, don’t get me wrong, but with this year being a little different, our goal is to get as much money as possible.”

How can the student body show their support for this cause?

“Participating in Lunch time activities. Bring money to donate. Talk to your teachers and see what they are doing. Try to hype them up. It’s more exciting and gets more fun that way.”

So there you have it. Get pumped up for this next week, it shouldn’t let you down.

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