The Pros and Cons of NWEA at Juab High

If you talk to any student from Juab what their least favorite test to take each year is, there’s a very good chance that you’ll hear about NWEA. In every main subject’s classes, students are forced to take this test three different times per year. This test can usually take two separate class periods, and classes have to take it at the start of the year, during the middle of the two semesters, and at the end of the school year. 

NWEA is a national standardized test which measures what students know and tells them what they’re ready to learn next by using a computer system that adjusts to what the student already knows. Many students don’t enjoy these tests for various reasons, including having to have taken this test since the sixth grade. This  means that students have to take the standardized tests 18 times per class throughout their high school career. 

          Along with many students not enjoying these tests, also some teachers don’t like giving out these as well. This takes time away from teaching their students, standards that are forced by the state, which can actually get the teacher in trouble. These tests, however, can be used for good. 

Teachers and administrators can look into the breakdown that NWEA gives them to build specific lessons to help students in certain areas they might be struggling in. Even though these tests can be annoying and frustrating to take, they can be very beneficial to teachers and in the end can help the students progress in their learning.

Jack Peterson

Jack is one of the many sleep deprived sophomores at Juab High School. Jack is a part of the JHS baseball team. He loves to travel with his family and spend his money on many unnecessary purchases, such as buying 10 pairs of shoes randomly. When he’s not playing or practicing baseball, he loves to hang out and go riding with his friends.