The Best Games of the Past

Do you remember back in the day right when iphones came out and the absolute best games were just released? Back to the time you could get on your grandma’s tablet and have the most simple but awesome games that kept you entertained for a good while? Here are some of the best back-in-the-day games that you used to play.

A different game that has been long forgotten is Peggle Classic.  This game is sadly no longer playable on iphone but can be found on older consoles like the xbox 360.  This is an absolute classic where you would travel with 10 different characters, going through 55 levels, and many different power ups. One of the most calm, and sometimes frustrating games, where you can sit back and shoot orange pegs while getting combos for the highest score.

Now for the absolute top tier game that was so good, they took it away.  It is the one and only Angry Birds. Angry birds developed very well and ended up breaking into many different types of fun versions. It started with the original angry birds, to transformers, Rio, space, and even star wars. They all came with the same concept, demolish the piggies huts and get their eggs back, but they all had their own sense of uniqueness. Now the only one that you can really still play is angry birds 2. It will never be the same as the original, but it’s still really fun to play.

There are many other throwback games that we all remember playing back when we were young. What were some of your favorite games back when they were all starting to release? The old games will always be some of the best to go back to and remember.

Kyger Peay

Kyger Peay is one of the many juniors of Juab high school. This is his second year taking journalism, pushing to show off what JHS is all about. Kyger also takes part in track and is a part of the football team. In his free time he will either find him driving around with his friends having a good time, or hanging around at home.