Richfield vs Juab: Richfield Gained Another Win.

Last week our girls basketball team played an amazing game against Richfield even though we lost; it was a close game. Throughout that game our team was aggressive and ready to score. Richfield and our girls basketball team were tied many times throughout the game. Eventually we got out of the tie then Richfield made some easy and hard shots and gained more points. There were some good plays our team had played and tricked Richfield but unfortunately Richfield caught some of them. They were able to block passes and make some baskets; which gained them a bunch of points. Our coaches for the girls basketball team cheered and yelled to them to give them plays. Us students were hoping for another win for our girls team so were the parents and teachers.

This game was very exciting but let’s also not forget about our half time show from the drill and our cheer team. We got an amazing performance from our cheer team; they wanted to show us what they were going to perform for their region competition the next day. They were amazing and they cheered confidently too; our drill team was amazing and their new dance they did at the halftime show wowed the audience! After our halftime show was over our talented girls basketball team came out and were ready to play again! They warmed up for a while before the refs called the game and we played hard, putting their fullest effort in for the last two quarters of the Richfield and Juab game. The end score of the game was 42-50; Richfield had won the game but sadly we had lost but that’s okay we have more games to win. This season for Juabs girls basketball team has been amazing and they all looked like a family too.