Help the Yearbook Staff Blast the Past

As the year is nearing a close in just a few mere months, the yearbook staff is starting to have racing hearts. The theme, which cannot be explicitly disclosed as of right now, has something to do with back then…but they have no pictures of JHS students from back then. 

We all know mom usually had a camera pointing at you at your preschool graduation. Perhaps at your first soccer game or dance recital. Maybe she took that picture of you when you were a baby, dressed as a bee for Halloween. If you or your mother or anyone in your family took a picture of you that you don’t mind being sent into the yearbook staff for consideration of being used in a module in the yearbook, please, email pictures to Mrs. Allsen, and we will use whatever we can. 

Anything from when we were younger will do; and wouldn’t it be fun to reminisce about younger you while looking through photos? And if you see little you in the yearbook, wouldn’t it touch your heart just a little further? 

If you have any pictures from when you were little that you are willing to send in, email them to, and if you are able, get them in before January 26th. We hope to see little toddler versions of our students in the yearbook for the end of this school year!

Pictured are: Boston Carlson, Pressley Hair, Addison Johnson, Sufia Khan, Rylee Ludlow (12)