Sub 4 Santa has started to get old. This year we’re moving on to new and greater things. Sub 4 Santa has been a big job for the SBOs planning a whole new layout and new schedule for this year’s sub 4 Santa’s activities. To start off sub 4 Santa is a local organization that helps give kids in need gifts for Christmas. To help raise money the highschool has decided to help be a part of donating. This year to raise money there is a class competition where kids can receive tickets for their class. The class with the most tickets by the end of the month will win a class prize. Students can pay money to decorate a class tree which will let them receive tickets. At the end of the month there will be an assembly with challenges and dates for a last chance for students to win tickets for their class. The SBOs are excited to share this new way of sub 4 Santa to the rest of the school.