Juab Traditions Bring Christmas Cheer To Our Community!

big tree in front of the county building that gets decorated with ornaments made by the community that gives it a personalized touch. It is a great Christmas here in Juab. It is always a great time of year because of our amazing traditions. The first is the tree lighting at the Nephi City Park; the second is the big beautiful tree the city places in front of Nephi’s City Building. There are plenty of other traditions here in our small town that make this time of year so special, but these are the most notable and noticeable. 

One of the best traditions here in Juab is that the city decorates each of the parks creating a beautiful scene at night with each tree decorated uniquely with dazzling colors and different patterns. Some parks even have big decorations of different Christmas characters like gingerbread men and Santa delivering gifts that light up at night. 

Another great tradition is the time to gather as a community and bring joy to all as they drive past.

On top of these other traditions, there is Christmas in the County, which is a light display and Nativity at the fairgrounds. Members of the community work hard to put on this light show for everybody to enjoy. Everyone gets to vote on their favorite entries as they drive through the show and get a treat from Santa Claus himself. 

A popular tradition amongst many members of this community is purchasing a tree permit and scouring the woods for the perfect tree for their family. Come nice fall temperatures or freezing winter snow, families enjoy spending time together with the occasional snowball fight or running into neighbors. While not everyone participates in this tradition, those that do enjoy the smell of a fresh pine tree for weeks to come. 

In a small community, such as ours, we are lucky to have so many traditions to look forward to around the holidays and a community that is willing to go above and beyond to make the town look so festive and really bring the Christmas spirit.