Tennis New Region Champs

Undefeated. Tennis. Two words that haven’t been spoken together in recent history. We have a good team with hard-working men and coaches. Take that you doubters. You people that say Tennis isn’t a real sport. Undefeated Region Champs.

All joking aside, the Tennis team has been working very hard this year. Multiple practices a day, staying after long into the night to work out issues. A lot of players, including JV, have really worked hard and improved a lot. We are proud to take home the first Region Trophy since the program has been brought back.

State is a true single elimination bracket. Juab has a fairly good seed, so the first round is looking winnable. But the second round is an immediate uptick in skill level. If you make it through the first two rounds, you get to come for the second day. 

So wish the players luck if you see them, they are going to need it.