Santa is Blowing Up in this Neighborhood!

Are you feeling the looming pressure of buying all your friends gifts this Christmas? The subdivision immediately the east of the school was feeling this pressure. They decided not to get each other gifts this Christmas but also knew this would be boring. So, they got creative. The whole neighborhood goes in on this new tradition! They all got the same Santa blow-up to put in their front yards. This is why you will see 23 of the same blow-up if you drive past! Although, since writing this article 2 more have gone up! They are spreading!

We wanted some insider details so we talked to one of the homeowners, Missy White! She said, Natalie Park came up with the idea. Natalie saw the idea on Instagram when a town in Ohio went coral for doing the same thing! She sent out a mass text to everyone in the neighborhood and asked if anyone wanted to do it. She went online and found a 14-foot blow-up Santa that was in their price range. She sent the link to everyone and anyone who wanted to participate, bought one. 

Missy also said that you can see their neighborhood and all the festive Santas from the freeway going southbound! There was even a TikTok made about the neighborhood. Missy even said if you or your family wants to join in, you are more than welcome to. She even said, “I don’t know if it is spreading, but it would be cool if it was.” 

This neighborhood has truly created a winter wonderland. The lights will be gleaming all night throughout the town but, in this neighborhood, they will be shining extra bright this year.