Juab Students Tackle the Stress of Finals Week

The honors students at Juab High School take their rigorous classes seriously. With it being finals week, there has been a tumult of anxiety around Concurrent Enrollment (CE) and honors classes. While attending these types of classes, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the workload. However, students at Juab are resilient; we find ways to cope with stress during times like this. Jasmine Braich, a diligent 11th grader, says “when I’m stressed with an overwhelming amount of work, I make sure to schedule when I’m going to get specific assignments done. Doing this helps me stay organized, along with still making sure I have fun.” 

Like Jasmine said, organizing a to-do list for homework is a great way to have a plan for academically challenging times. More coping mechanisms that students use are listening to music, playing sports, practicing self-care, spending time with family, reading a book, taking a nap, and practicing a hobby. 

Whatever it may be, coping strategies are beneficial, oftentimes they are necessary to stay sane during finals week. To all students feeling stressed, remember that these moments do not define you. Obstacles that may seem catastrophic in the moment, in reality, are small moments that most won’t even remember by next semester. Good luck to everyone taking finals for the semester! Remember to study, but more importantly, take care of yourself and your mental health!