Juab, Give Thanks!

As we near the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving, we can all focus on valuing everything we’ve been given and focus on giving thanks. It is the time to gather around family and friends to prepare and enjoy a meal together. In order to fully appreciate this holiday, we must first understand the history of our forefathers who settled this land we call America. 

1621 was the first Thanksgiving when Plymouth colonists and Native American Wampanoag people joined together in celebrating their first harvest in the New World. Until 1789, this holiday wasn’t exactly about giving thanks, but moreover to celebrate the Autumn harvest. It wasn’t until recommended that there should be a day of public thanksgiving and prayer held to thank God for all the blessings given to the American people. 

This holiday is a reminder to recognize the blessing in our lives that we can sometimes take for granted. However, it can be difficult to find things to be grateful for when going through a hard time. Our natural instinct is to pick out the negative aspects of our lives. Instead let us challenge ourselves to constantly look for the positive silver linings, even when they are hard to see. 

A great way to practice gratitude is to practice journaling. Making a list of things you are grateful for is highly helpful in radiating gratitude. Another way is to thank people for who they are and what they do for you. Lastly, savoring and absorbing the beautiful moments will help stay motivated during the highs and lows of life. We can learn from the pilgrims, of the importance of thankfulness through spending time with our loved ones and expressing gratitude towards them. 

List of things to be grateful for in beautiful Juab county: Our wonderful Juab High School, sacred church buildings, loving community members, beloved children who spread joy, police officers who keep us safe, and finally the majestic Mt. Nebo who protects us from storms, and enlightens us with her beauty.