Art Club Invites Everyone to Come and Express Themselves!

Juab High School Art Club

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”- Aristotle quotes, art is a way to express the artist who drew or painted it. Enoch Dye, a local senior, at Juab high school. Enoch is the art club’s president, saying “ I want to bring everyone together from art”. Saying the art club gives Enoch’s peers the opportunity to enter events. Lily says “ the goal of art club is to slay”. And expressing yourself with beauty and grace. The best part of an art club is that anyone can join, and you should join. 

The art club is great for students to express themselves, and if they like snacks. A very valid part of art club is to create art while snacking on delicious food. The people that Enoch has said that have been showing up are Liz Rodriguez, Harlow Royce.  The art club sounds “super, slay, awesome” – Enoch Dye to me. The art club is holding meetings every other Thursday, and questions please feel free to ask Enoch Dye.