Put Your Heart in the Art

Art club meetings and hopes for the new year.

           The art club had their first meeting on September 7th in Mrs. Henry’s art room. The meeting was a time to explain what the President, Enoch Dye, hopes and goals were for the club as well as what the students were hoping to accomplish for this year’s art club. With Frostys as a treat for the first meeting, a discussion was held for upcoming meetings and activities the group planned. One of the meetings the kids are excited for is the Fall Family Fun Night on September 16th. The art club will orchestrate face painting for the event.

Another activity that Enoch Dye mentioned was a mural idea for the town as well as the Art Board that he explained as being the same for 2 years now. He hopes that the club this year can help bring the board back to life. When asked about the hopes for this year’s club, Mrs. Henry said, “That it gives kids a safe place to be creative and serve other people.” When asked what they were hoping to accomplish by the end of the year, Enoch Dye said, “A lot of things and to be a little happier. And to unify the community.” Meetings are held every couple of weeks on Thursday in Mrs Henry’s art room in the vocational building. It gives a chance for students to take a break from school and enjoy art as not only a subject or activity but a hobby. The art club hopes to spark other students’ interest in art so they can share their work with not only the school but hopefully the town. Sign ups are also available if students wish to participate in the Fall Family Fun Night and help with the face painting. Sign up times range from 5 o’clock to 7. You can sign up to work an hour and have time to enjoy the event and all that it offers. It’s not too late to join! The club showed their excitement for the new year with a great first meeting.