Girls Soccer Vanquish North Sanpete!

It’s the second week of the soccer season for the girls and let’s just say they are happy to be back on the green field! They’ve had a hard first week when they lost their games but oh boy they really showed out this week. 

This week, on Tuesday 29 the varsity team won 5-1 against Emery. Emerys team

 was small and was missing two girls; they had played a good aggressive game. It was a very high temperature game but also the first game they hadn’t down poured on them. There was only one injury in the varsity game Mialee Curtis hurt her ankle and had to be helped off the field! 

The JV game was also a good game too. They tied 0-0 but if they hadn’t had an amazing goalie then they would’ve won by a lot. They had amazing passing and great teamwork. They had a couple of girls get hurt but it was nothing serious. 

On August 30, The girls soccer team plays at North Sanpete and they all hope for another win with no injuries. They hope for more students at JHS to come and support their girls soccer team! It’s always a blast at their games. 

On the varsity team we have Addy Johnson, Addie Ludlow, Abby Hunt, Averee Miller, Addison Hyatt, Bell Ekins, Brinnley Finn, Callie Dieffenbacher, Cambry Hall, Claire Bennet, Karlie Sperry, Kiki Lowe, Megan Hills, Mialee Curtis, Morgan Loveless, Raele Bosh, Rowdi Savage, Serene Dye. In total they have 19 players!

JV they have Sydnee Spencer, Faith Bond, Edith Gilbert, Jazzy Reyes, Trisha Cell, Roxie Stevensen, Raele Bosh, Megan Hills, Lillie, Kyra Pay, Karlie Sperry, Izzy Grider, Claire Bennet, Brieann Downey, Bell Ekins, Abby Hunt, Addie Ludlow. They have a total of 17 players, the coaches are Lisa K and Tiffany Braithwaite.