Local Halloween Story #3; The Haunted Old Main

The Haunted Old Main

Southern Utah University is known for the campus haunted happenings. Old main, one of the buildings on the campus is said to even have the blood of Virginia Loomis. A woman who was murdered in the late 1800s and found on a boulder that was used to make bricks for the building. Her gruesome muder caused the building’s bricks to be full of her blood. It’s said you can hear eerie sounds within the building along with what was said to be a melodious fluting that could be heard at exactly midnight and would go on until 1 a.m. 

It would be sounds such as that along with unearthly lights glowing from the third story windows and flouting shadows. Another incident happened within the campus when a janitor who had been recently hired was working his first day. He just so happened to be the supposed murderer by the name of Steven Farr and it’s said his incident was a revenge story. Steven Farr, who was the supposed murderer of Virginia Loomis, was lighting the furnace in Old Mains basement when suddenly the furnace door slammed on his arm. He was burned to death and this incident is what caused all students within the campus, even today, to recognize the hauntings. 

Steven Farr became known as the “Human Torch” that burned Old Main in 1948. Some will report seeing the ghost of Virginia Loomis “laughing in the flames”. The supernatural occurrences still happen today with the eerie sounds and melodies which makes all new and old students know the stories. SUU is known for the excellent graduate program and the problematic murders. The story of Virginia Loomis and Steven Farr are still well known today by the students and staff as it was a horrendous incident but also a revenge story for Virginia Loomis.