Juab Exceeds Expectations to play in State Championship

Let’s just say the state basketball tournament surprised everyone and juab basketball did very well throughout the season, the Juab basketball team has had a decent season with a record of 17-7 and finishes with a rank of 7th in 3A. Juab basketball was not supposed to go as far as they did or do as well as they did. But juab basketball yet again surprised everyone. 

Juab basketball before the state tournament, they were ranked 7th and were not supposed to go as far as they did. As the tournament started, our first match up was South Summit. In the season, they beat juab 66-63. So that meant Juab was not supposed to win that game, we proved them wrong. Juab beat South Summit 68-61 which sent juab basketball to the semifinals where we would play Summit Academy. 

Summit Academy had a really good season with a record of 18-4. So yet again, Juab was not supposed to move on and win the next game in the tournament. We stood strong again and beat Summit Academy with a score of 51-50. The game was a nail biter and came down to the last 30 seconds of the game. The juab basketball team is going to the state championship against the Manti Templars. 

Juab vs Manti, a rivalry in not just basketball, but all sports. Manti has had a really good season with a record of 20-2. They were ranked number one in 3A basketball and have beaten Juab twice throughout the season. The first game Manti won with a score of 69-60. The next game they won with a score of 54-47. Manti was supposed to win the tournament and hold their number 1 placement. And they did. Juab lost to Manti 88-58. Juab took second at state and completely surprised everyone throughout the tournament. Congratulations Juab basketball on taking 2nd at state. 

Basketball team saying the pledge before the state game

Austin Peay

Austin Peay is one of the many sleep deprived sophomores at Juab High School. Austin is a part of the JHS football team. He likes to travel and play sports more than anything, but he also likes to ride ATV’s and hunt/fish. In his free time, whenever he is not on the football field, you can find him with his friends or at home just chillin.