Powder-Buff Night Bumps Up Make-A-Wish Donations

February 10th continued Juab’s Make-A-Wish week. That night groups of friends gathered in the Juab High School gym. The reason? To compete in Powder Buff, Juab’s boys volleyball tournament. The SBOs created Powder Buff, a twist on the Powder Puff tradition, as a fun event for Juab’s first Make-A-Wish week. Every player paid five dollars to compete. Every team needed at least six players. All collected money added to the school’s Make-A-Wish donations.

    Dozens of boys showed up that cold Thursday night. Friends gathered themselves into teams and at 7 pm the tournament began. There were two nets setup so that two games could be played at once. The south side court was watched over by the very enthusiastic referee, Mr. Montoya. 

     A few groups of students came to watch on the outskirts of the gym. Music played through a speaker and people sang along from time to time. Players put their all in their matches, some of them even getting pretty heated. The tournament was won by the team Spiked Hawaiian Punch. The epic Make-A-Wish event earned a generous amount of donations.