How Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth

Dave Mustain, the head man of Megadeth, a thrash metal band that was formed back in 1982 has a pretty interesting story. With the multiple dramas he has been in with his battle with throat cancer he has had a pretty interesting story.

   First of all Dave mustain was one of the founding members and lead guitarist of the band Metallica from 1981 to 1983. Where he would be kicked off while Metallica was in New York about to record the first studio album “Kill ‘Em All”.

   He was woken up after a bad hangover and was told he was off the band. He asked when his flight to get back to California was and they told him that he didn’t get a flight. Instead they gave him a ticket for a 4 day bus ride back to California. Even worse, the bus left an hour after he was fired. While on the bus he was pretty angry, he thought that it was pretty rude because he wrote most of the guitar parts for “Kill ‘Em All” and they kicked him off right before they were going to record it. 

    While on the 4 day bus ride he started to think of some lyrics and write some music on the back of a handbill and he thought of the name megadeath and thought it would make a good band name. Even if they miss spelled it Megadeth. After forming the band they release their first album “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good” which was a smash hit and after that they have released many albums with their most recent being “The Sick The Dying And The Dead” 

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