The British Invasion


      The British Invasion was a cultural phenomenon that happened in the mid to late 60s where a large number of British rock and pop artists became very popular in America. How did the British Invasion start ? It started after the beats came to America for their first inaugural U.S visiting  causing a wave of other bands to invade America 

       Some of the biggest bands to come to America during the British Invasion are, the kinks, The Rolling Stones, and the who. Some of the biggest names in The 60’s to 70’s. The British Invasion would change the music industry and change what music would sound like for years to come 

        Now was the British Invasion a good or bad thing? I think it was a good thing to happen to the music industry bringing new life to it. The British Invasion also impacted fashion at the time with long hair becoming more popular with guys the British and the British flag becoming a fashion statement. It also impacted the sales of guitars with them skyrocketing. It also made British engineered vehicles more popular with sales of BSA motorcycles rising. The U.S also proclaimed the U.K as the center for music and fashion 

     Some of the ways it influenced America was making the folk rock genre. American folk music started to have more rock elements added to after the British Invasion happened and became folk rock. It also ended the popularity of instrumental surf music which was pretty big in America. But gave rise to rock and roll music like Elvis. Overall the British invasion was one of the most influential things to happen in American media. And changed music forever in America.