Mt.Nebo FFA Chapter Sails Through Northern Utah Competition

On February 23rd the Mt.Nebo FFA chapter pulled onto a Tremont bound bus for the Northern Utah FFA contest to compete against other Utah and Idaho FFA chapters. The drive was quiet with everyone going back to sleep for a while longer. Once the bus arrived, students were rested and ready to compete. Here are the contest results.

     Agriculture Mechanics: Mt.Nebo’s Ag.Mechanics team placed 5th out of 41 teams. 2 students made it into the top 20 individuals. Gavin Walkers ranked 16th and Hunter Gurr ranked 4th.

     Agriculture Sales: The Mt.Nebo Ag. Sales team earned 3rd place. Hayes Walls ranked 9th highest individual out of 23 competitors.

      Dairy Cattle Evaluation: The team ranked 9th out of 22 teams. 

      Floriculture: Despite only having two competing members, the Mt.Nebo Floriculture team ranked 9th out of 28 teams. Haylie Winn ranked as the 1st highest individual out of 78 competitors.

     Horse Evaluation: The Horse team placed 18th place out of 40 teams.

     Livestock Evaluation: Mt.Nebo had two competing Livestock teams. Both did really well placing  2nd and 3rd out of 59 teams. 5 students ranked within the top 20 including Claire Bennett in 19th, Chris Poulsen in 18th, Rylan Orton in 17th, and  Brykely Benally in 11th. Brylee Greenhalgh won 1st highest individual out of 100 students.

    Meat evaluation & technology: Mt.Nebo’s 2 person Meat Evaluation team won 10th place out of 16 teams.

    Creed speaking: Mt.Nebo’s freshmen student, Drake Nuccitelli won 1st place in the creed speaker competition.

     Northern Utah was just a practice contest for FFA. All the members of Mt.Nebo’s FFA chapter are still practicing and developing their skills and knowledge for FFA’s Utah State contest.