Juab’s Boys Basketball Rise Up Against North Sanpete’s Hawks

On January 18th the North Sanpete Hawks and the Juab Wasps soared onto Juab High’s basketball court, ready to have an excellent game night. Before the game started everyone took a moment to stand together as the Juab drill team presented the flag. The Juab High School band played the National Anthem.

      After that the North Sanpete starters were introduced, the light went down and the music turned up. Juab fans cheered as the Wasp’s starters ran into the spotlight.

      The Wasps made the first score of the night, starting the first period strong. But the Hawks came to compete. They retaliated with a three pointer. Both teams weren’t backing down that night. Scores stayed close but the wasps pulled ahead at the end of the first period.

    The Juab cheer team hyped up the crowd before moving on to the second period. The Wasps kept on soaring higher, pulling ahead of the Hawks even more. Things took a turn for the last three minutes before halftime. As Juab earned a few more fouls the North Sanpete earned more points. Second period ended with the Wasps ahead by only one point.

      Halftime began with Juab’s beautiful drill team giving a flawless performance. That was followed by a performance for Juab’s cheer and student team. The front rows of Juab’s pit were dressed up like rock stars to match the night’s theme: rock the Hawks. Students shouted back and forth with North Sanpete’s student pit all night. 

     Neither side or team was ready to go down. Third period continued with the push and pull fight between scores. Unfortunately, one of the Hawk players was hurt during the game. Everyone, including Juab’s student pit took a seat as he was helped off the court. 

    By the end of fourth period everyone was on the edge of their seats. The win could be taken by anyone. As Juab pulled ahead, the Hawks made a three pointer to get the lead. Juab scored again. The time ran out, and the score sat even: 40 to 40.

    The game moved into overtime. Students screamed, fans sat on the edge of their seats, and the Juab band percussion line put their souls into playing. Both teams used the rest of their time outs. Juab Wasps finally came out on top. The final score: 49 to 44.