Supporting the sports

There are so many sports in Juab High School, many opportunities to have fun after school activities, some are taking a break for the season like soccer, football, and more. Some upcoming sports in the spring are baseball, softball, track, tennis, and more. Some sports that are coming up in the winter are volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. Can’t forget the all year long sports which are the drill team, cheerleading. These sports are great to do, the students have such a fun time doing these sports, it gives the students at Juab High School something to do but to also look forward to supporting the highschool with their love of doing these sports. 

The students at Juab High School have so much fun supporting the teams, some of the fun things the school holds before games are at the pep rallies like for the football games most of the students make it to support their team before the game. Some of the best ways the students at Juab High School support the different sports are just going to the games, competition and cheering for their fellow classmates. This in the school shows so much support to the students that are in the different sports but it also shows a lot of support to the school. 

Not only is it great fun for the students to support the school in their many activities, but also the parents and the community. We have a lot of support from the parents for obvious reasons of their kids being in the activities. Also we have the support from the community of Juab because of not only families and friends but also the alumni of Juab High School. Also the support is there from the faculties at the different schools coming to support the many students in their activities.