Prism Club, a New Safe Space for Juab High Students

On December 5th Juab High School had their opening meeting for their new club, the Prism club. “But what is the Prism club?”, many students have asked. Prism club’s purpose is to create a safe space to unite open-minded youth. It is a club meant for all students no matter their color, race, personal identity, or disability. Advisors and supporters of Prism Club want all students to feel comfortable and safe no matter who they are.

     The meeting was held in Mrs.Steele’s room. She had candy set out on the table. The new members were introduced to the club by Mrs.Steele and Vice Principal Jones. Everyone introduced themselves, including the club advisors: Mrs. Steele, Mrs.Bowring, Mrs.Drown, and other supporting teachers: Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Mr.Olson, and Mrs.Glover.

     We went over Prism club’s purpose and by laws. After everyone brainstormed future activities and appropriate days. Leadership positions were discussed and nominees were selected. Google forms were sent out for voting.

    The opening event concluded with jokes and smiles. The prism club has so much potential and is ready to accept any enrolled Juab student. If you want to join the prism club, pick up a permission from Mrs.Steele or Mrs.Drown.