The New State Flag: Symbolizing Utah’s Beauty 

     Did you know that our state has been given a new flag? They opened up art submissions across all of Utah county’s to receive the public’s input on this symbolistic representation. 

     Based on the public’s feedback, many shared similar designs. The designers have been refining many of the flags to incorporate Utahns’ choices about colors and symbols. Southern Utah residents preferred rich, deep reds over oranges to represent the region’s distinctive red rock landscape. The Tribal leaders encouraged stars or other representations of the state’s eight sovereign nations. And pointed Shapes to represent Utah’s mountain ranges. 

    The Red for the red rocks of Southern Utah, also signaling perseverance. White for our snow peaks and peace. Blue represents tradition and our dark skies. Then the mountain shape, the beehive represents industry and community(and also symbolizes our common name of the beehive state). The hexagon symbolizes strength and unity, encompassing a guiding star with eight points representing Utah’s Tribal Nations. “The new flag will be one that people can point to and say: ‘I was part of the evolution of that flag.’”- Rep. Elizabeth Weight, of the Utah Flag Task Force

    Did you know about this new flag design? Next time you see our flag, look for the symbolism and think, ‘wow, look how far our state has come’.

Utah’s final flag design