Growth of Nephi

There are so many questions about how big Nephi is going to get in the next couple years, there are rumors of more business and some more homes that are going to be built. Some people wonder how big the population will be in the next 5 to 10 years. Folks in Nephi have questions about the new things that are coming into Nephi. I had the opportunity to go and talk to Lisa Brough, one of the city council members for Nephi City. These are some of the questions I had asked her. 

One of the questions I had asked Lisa Brough, was what are some of the new businesses coming to nephi. She had said, “As far as industrial there will be a huge refrigeration plant called Jensen refrigeration it is going to be a refrigerated warehouse.” as far as industrial go they also have several business parks on the south end of town that are coming in, there is the new Maverick in town over by the Flying J, there is rumors of a taco bell that is coming to Nephi, they just confirmed they will be a Costa Vida that is coming to Nephi as well. There are many new developments going on in Nephi. I think that it’s great that there are going to be more job opportunities for those in Nephi, instead of traveling farther to find a job. 

There are some factors that are very important with having more businesses and housing come into Nephi, one of the big ones are power for all these new things coming in, power is a very big deal and very important. She had mentioned that they’re building a new 9 million dollar electrical line called 138kv, because of this they’re required to have easements to bring the electrical line across land owner properties, so they’re working with some land owners to put the power running through their land to accomplish these new development coming to Nephi. 

Another question I had asked her was what are some of the new plans for Nephi in the next 10 years. She had said to that, “The big feeling we get from our residents and through surveys and some of the council meetings, is to still have the rural feel of Nephi, we know the growth is coming and we can’t stop a lot of the growth that is coming, but we still want to have that small town feeling in Nephi.” A lot of the people that I have talked to still want the rural feeling of Nephi, but they do see the benefits of having more business come to Nephi.

A really big question that a lot of people from Nephi wonder about is the population growth for Nephi, the population right now is about 6,500 people. It is estimated that by 2025 the population will have doubled. For nephi to control the population they have put into place certain requirements like the street width, to have wider streets than the narrow streets like what Salt Lake City has, also there has to be so many feet from the sidewalk to the house and certain lot sizes. One problem that is being addressed in Nephi is low income housing, with some apartments, townhomes, and condominiums being built; this helps some low income housings, and some low income families because not everybody can afford a big lot.

We will all have to see what Nephi becomes in the future. I think we are in good hands with the people we have on the city council.