Difference Between Stealing And Inspiration In Digital Art


The who? What? When? Where? And why? May cross your brain when you hear stealing and inspiration, and how they’re different. You could say there’s not a difference especially with digital arts. There are major differences between Stealing and Inspiration and you’re not alone if you get them mixed up. Reading within this article you can learn and understand the difference, but also tell when someone is stealing or got inspiration.

    I would like to bring up problems about what is happening in the art community, and how much of a problem there is. In the Art community nowadays art is being stolen left and right, and it’s become a big problem.  If someone uses inspiration from an art piece, they are considered a theft. Inspiration and stealing are two completely different things and both mean different things. It is easy to think someone is stealing, when they’re not. TikTok is a big social media platform, and you can find many different artists and especially art thefts. Art thefts can basically block you but use another account to keep stealing your art and claiming it as their known. This has been a big  problem since 2020, and now the people who follow artists can’t tell the difference, and have excuses for others for stealing. Tiktok is not the only social media platform having these issues, Instagrams, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler, Discord and many other platforms have these issues and it’s a big problem. Many developers won’t do anything about it, or if they do, they end up deleting the wrong person.

    Inspiration is the term of the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The term of art inspiration is an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or visual art and other artistic endeavors. Being inspired or getting inspiration can be from anything, or anyone. Most of the art community gets its inspiration from one and another. They can be inspired by a pose, color palette or background. The actual artists in the community will always notify the other artists if they can use inspiration from their art, before using anything from their piece. Inspiration has been around for years, artists many years ago, would use inspiration from other artists, but also from other people. So inspiration is not a “new” thing, it’s been here, and will always be here. Inspiration is super important to the art community. If other artists didn’t bounce off one another to get ideas and inspiration from each other, then it would be extremely hard to get ideas from the bottom of their brains. As an artist myself I will agree that it’s hard to get ideas to draw from scratch. 

    Stealing is one of the most evilest things you can do. Now stealing in the art community is different then breaking into an art museum to steal an art piece. Stealing in the art community and claiming someone else’s piece as your own.  This is a big problem. I have mentioned once before that it’s an even bigger problem on social media platforms. As you can block people and use other accounts to keep stealing from the original artists, Art. If you want to  tell if someone is stealing art,  then see if their art post was published way later than the other artist. Then ask where they got their idea. Most will lie saying they didn’t get an idea from anyone, then it’s 100% stolen. But it’s always important to check the date the art was published, or see how they react to the “theft”. Most art thefts will have baby tantrums saying that their art is being stolen by the original artists, but they are really the thief. 

     Once you start seeing the difference between stealing and inspiration in digital arts, you could be one to report who the actual thief  is and help clear out the thieves in the art community. You would also be a master at telling the difference and can educate others, so they know the difference. Just remember to look at the publish date, and ask we’re they got their ideas, and you will be in no time clearing out the thieves. 

Shyann Lawrence

Shyann Lawrence, is a Senior this year of 22-23. Shyann is a sweet and fun person to have, even if she is quiet. Shyann spends a lot of her time drawing and writing in and out of school. Shyann has 3 family dogs and a puppy of her own, 2 cats, 2 goats, and a bunny. She can’t wait to join as a Writer or Editor on the Clarion!