The Why Behind The Unexpected Lock-in

Lock-in put in motion across all of Juab District on Monday August 29, 2022.

An average Monday was turned upside down moments after the district got word of threats in the surrounding areas. The Juab School District was notified and instructed to lock all doors and keep students, teachers, and staff inside. The announcement was made for all students to stay inside their classrooms. All students who had a class outside of the main building, or no class at all, were shuffled into the gym after lunch. 

Doors were locked and blocked by teachers, and students were left wondering. Some teachers tried their best to continue class discussions and assignments despite the situation. After much time and anticipation, everyone was finally released from the building and able to return to their classes. 

Although the right precautions were taken, it’s worrying when someone locks you into a building and doesn’t say why. In an interview with Pressley Hair (11), she said her reaction to the lock-in was, “Let’s make a run for the doors because I just wanted to get outta there and go home!” No, she did not make a run for the door. However, it’s a valid reaction to the unexpected circumstances.

After all the stress had settled, news was out that the lock-in was in force due to threats in surrounding areas. Luckily, the suspects were caught and everyone is safe so there is no need to worry any more.

Image: Pressley Hair (11), Breanne Gardiner (12), Abby Hunt (10), Rebecca Marchant (12), Henry Everett (11), Leah Thorn (11), Keiloni Everett (12), Charly Hermansen (11), Sebastian Padilla (11), Lindsey Watson (12)