Is Social Media Good for Teens?

Is social media good for teens? This question has been thrown back and forth between people. Some people say social media is good and has done positive things. While the other side of the argument says it’s had a negative effect. 

Some ways people think that social media is good is because it connects people on a different level. You can see what your friends are posting and where their location is. You can find people you have lost touch with whether it be friends or family members. Teens can connect with friends and family members faster, teens can also express their lives through their feeds and posts for others to see. 

The other side of the argument is that social media has had a negative effect on teens. Teenagers have become more electronically engaged instead of socially engaged. Parents stress that it has affected their children’s mental health, sleep schedules, being distracted, and bullying. While teenagers are scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok they are being exposed to thousands of different influences. Teens are staying up at all hours of the night and not wanting to get up in the morning. 

Social media has many influences on teenagers whether it be good or bad. You have to think; is sharing your posts and watching Tiktok at all hours of the night really helping your mental health and your sleep schedule?