Indoor Track Season Back in Action

Indoor track is beginning during the month of december, are you interested in joining? During the second week of December, the indoor track coaches will be having practice every day after school in the hive. The thing that you mainly need is a good set of running shoes and won’t harm your feet.

  When we come back to school from the break and begin the second semester, we will begin having track meets that we can go to. There will be a lot more running events than throwing or jumping events during indoor track. For jumping there is high jump and depending on the location of the meet, long jump. Throwing will have shot put and javelin, with discus also dependent on the location of the meet.

For the many  running events we will have a wide range from short sprints to many distance runs. There will be the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and a few others. For some separate running events there will be a few different types of hurdles you could run, but again depending on the location you cando it.

We hope to see you there at the indoor track season of 2023. Make sure if you’re interested you make it to practice Monday December 5th.

Kyger Peay

Kyger Peay is one of the many juniors of Juab high school. This is his second year taking journalism, pushing to show off what JHS is all about. Kyger also takes part in track and is a part of the football team. In his free time he will either find him driving around with his friends having a good time, or hanging around at home.