Juab High School Tours Mtech College

On March 4, 2022 juniors and seniors took a field trip to tour the Spanish Fork Mtech campus. This was a good opportunity to go see a college option for juniors and seniors. Mtech offers many different career options: healthcare, dental, cosmetology, auto, etc. 

Spanish Fork campus has many different courses you can take, they’re courses that you cannot take at the Spanish Fork location, but most courses are available in Spanish. During this tour you learned where the different classrooms are located in the building and what they teach. Mtech can also give you a boost toward college, you get certificates/licenses based on what you want to go into. 

Mtech is a more hands on learning, this is good because it prepares you for when you are out in the field of your career option and you know what to do. Mtech also can be a good option for juniors going into their senior year because you get tuition free. All you have to pay are fees and extra materials you will need for your class. 

Mtech will be building a Payson campus in the fall of 2022, they hope this campus will be ready to go for fall or 2023. Payson campus will have all programs and career options, this will mean less time to get to the college and less gas. 

If you’re going to be a senior next year, I would suggest looking at all the different programs that Mtech offers and look into some career options.