23rd Season of a Great Game

Call of Duty Mobile is a first and third person shooter game with Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and a Zombies mode. It was officially announced by Activision on March 18th, 2019, the release date was announced for: September 18th, 2019. Then, October 1st, 2019 the game was released worldwide. It became one of the largest mobile games in history, generating over 480 million dollars in the U.S with 270 million downloads within a year. Within the 2 years of releasing they’ve had 2 anniversary seasons and currently on the tenth season. In total this current season makes it the 23rd season overall.

         In the Multiplayer mode there’s 3 sections of game modes to choose from: core, featured, and practice. In the core area you have the main modes: frontline, team deathmatch, search and destroy, domination, free for all, kill confirmed, hardpoint, and gunfight. In the featured mode modes range from: snipers only, 10v10, cranked, capture the flag, prop hunt, headquarters, and control 24/7. In the practice mode there’s only: training mode and you going against AI. Most of the modes involve holding the objective until either it updates or the other team takes it over. Search and destroy is either planting the bomb or diffusing the bomb.

        In the Battle Royale mode there are usually 2-4 other modes: tank battle, warfare, Alcatraz, and blitz. There’s 2 map options: classic Isolated and the original Blackout map. You could choose to go in with a friend or with a random person as a double, or go in with 3 random people as a squad. In the one with teammates you get to revive your teammates and bring them back into the battle. In tank battle, you get tank parts from machines around the map and once you have all the parts you need, you could call in your tank and use it. 

        Finally, we have the final game mode known as Zombies or Undead Siege. There are 2 modes in the Undead Siege: normal and hard. In the normal mode you have all day to loot up with guns, ammo, grenades, sentry gun parts, and kill zombies while you’re out. There’s a total of 3 days where zombies try to destroy the teleportation device that gets you out of the universe you are in. In the hard mode you do the same thing but for 5 days and hordes of zombies of different kinds. If you collect sentry gun parts it will help a lot with protecting the teleportation device against the zombies, and make it easier to win.